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Get Your Payroll Right First Time


Pay Day Needn’t Be Stressful

Navigating New Zealand’s complex payroll landscape can be daunting, especially for small businesses juggling it all. 

Karyn Campbell | Payroll Consult | Payroll Support Wellington

You shouldn’t have to stress over the accuracy of your payroll or fear the fallout from unintentional errors. 

Take the confusion out of payroll compliance, and make sure your team is paid correctly and on time every time. 

Get peace of mind with your payroll

Pain-free Payroll Every Pay Day

Simplified Compliance | Payroll Consult | Payroll Support Wellington

Simplified Compliance

Navigating payroll legislation shouldn’t be your burden. Meet every requirement with ease, freeing you from possible legal headaches (and big bills).

Payroll Consult | Payroll Support Wellington

Save Time

Reclaim hours spent on sorting out complex payrolls. Focus more on what truly matters - growing your business and nurturing your team.

Staff Satisfaction | Payroll Consult | Payroll Support Wellington

Staff Satisfaction

Accurate, timely paychecks mean happy employees. With faultless payroll management, you can recognise their hard work accurately every pay period.

Payroll Peace Of Mind

Solve your Payroll problems

Complex shifts and changes in working hours make it difficult to calculate payroll - holiday pay, final payments, overtime and all the compliance that goes with it.

If a staff member comes to you with a question, how do you know what’s right? You just want the problem solved.

As a specialist in New Zealand payroll systems and legislation, I help my clients fix their payroll problems and ensure they don’t happen again. It may be a one-off project or ongoing support to ease all your payroll stresses.

Review your Payroll systems

It’s easy to assume the payroll system you run is set up correctly.

However, not all settings are right for your business, leaving you open to incorrect payments, non-compliance, and the risk of bulk back-payments.

By reviewing your systems, I identify inefficiencies and areas of non-compliance and give you tailored recommendations that streamline your payroll, enhance accuracy, and improve overall efficiency.

Payroll systems migration, support and training

Xero Payroll, PayHero,  Crystal Payroll, Smartly … and more.

The choice of payroll systems goes on and on. But which is right for you?

If you’re thinking about updating your payroll system, I can help. I’ve worked with most payroll systems and can help you choose the right one for your business. Then, manage the migration, training and support for a seamlessly smooth switch that gives you the confidence to manage your payroll effortlessly.

Karyn Campbell | Payroll Consult | Payroll Support New Zealand

Hi, I’m Karyn Campbell

Your payroll partner

Many of my clients come to me after wrestling with the same payroll challenges that you're likely facing right now - incorrect pay, interpreting holiday pay, managing corrections in your payroll software, deciphering final pay for departing employees or navigating overtime rates—each with its own set of compliance nightmares. 

Maybe you’ve tried fixing issues on your own, consulting generic software help guides, or even seeking advice from your accountant or bookkeeper, only to find they don’t have specialist payroll knowledge.

Managing payroll is more than just entering numbers on a spreadsheet and hitting “run payroll”. 

I love using my extensive knowledge to educate and support businesses with the complexities of payroll. Busy business owners or payroll administrators don’t have the time to become experts in payroll, so having me in their payroll toolbox means they don’t have to worry when the complexities arise.

You can be confident your business is operating smoothly, your team is being paid accurately, and you comply with payroll regulations.

Your Path to Payroll Clarity

With payroll in expert hands, you can rest assured that your team is satisfied and your business is aligned with New Zealand's payroll regulations, paving the way for a brighter future.

Book A Free Consultation

Let’s schedule a free 15-minute consultation so you can tell me your payroll problems and determine the best approach to address them.

Schedule Your Payroll Review

We’ll explore what’s going on. Based on this, I'll provide you with personalised recommendations. 

Implement Solutions for Lasting Success

With a clear plan in place, we'll work together to implement the recommended improvements. From system migration and setup to hands-on training for you and your team, I'll ensure you're equipped for smooth, stress-free payroll processing.