Do you need a Payroll Audit?

Hi I’m Karyn Campbell

I founded Payroll Consult to provide businesses like yours with specialised payroll support so you have peace of mind that you're meeting your payroll obligations. 

After many years working for a payroll software company and helping people with their payroll questions, something became clear.  While many businesses use payroll software, they don't necessarily have the knowledge to use it correctly to meet their payroll obligations. 

My mission is to demystify all the complexities of payroll.  With a deep understanding of NZ payroll legislation and how payroll software works, I can answer all your tricky questions and save you the time and stress of trying to work it out yourself.

NZ Payroll auditing, outsourcing, and advice for employers

Setting up your payroll can be complicated and can lead to issues with IRD and upset employees if not set up correctly.  At Payroll Consult, Karyn ensures that your systems have been set up correctly, allowing for staff trust and IRD compliance.  There are some amazing technology solutions available. However, these still need a guiding hand to ensure that whatever solution you select, your business has the knowledge to know that your payroll obligations will run smoothly.

How can Payroll Consult help your business?

Our goal is to demystify NZ payroll with all the complexities to ensure that your business is fully compliant.  When doing audits, we notice that errors are common, which can cost you and your business long-term if not fixed up.   We are well versed in the many different payroll systems operating in NZ and can work with you to ensure that your team has been set up correctly, allowing for...

  • Rates of Pay

  • Holiday Pay Calculations

  • Contract Obligations

  • Casual vs Part Time Staff requirements

  • Parental Leave

  • IRD Reporting and Record Keeping

  • Holiday requirements

  • Your unique business requirements.

Prior to starting work with your company, we like to run a full audit and then can suggest immediate changes and areas be worked through and considered.

How we can help!

Payroll is one of those words that is often linked to the word pain – I get it, it can be complex and a bit of an enigma.  It’s another area of your business you need to get to grips with when you start to employ staff. It is one of the highest costs to a business, and it is important that it is done correctly to avoid costly penalties.    

 Get in touch today if peace of mind with payroll will help take away your pain!

Payroll Software WOF

We want you to be confident that your payroll software works for you.

I review your payroll settings and highlight any areas of non-compliance. Even the most advanced software risks being non-compliant if not set up correctly. Let us run our software WOF for your business.

Your Payroll BluePrint

Is your business set up for payroll success? I help you implement systems and processes to understand your employment situation and what rules apply. This means you are managing your risk of non-compliance. Setting up your payroll correctly will save you time and money. Take our assessment, or contact us directly.

Payroll Comparisons

Finding the service that has all of the functionality your business needs can be a difficult task.    We look at cost, features and tools, and customer support to find the online payroll service we think is best for your business and can offer great solutions. View our overview of functionality and prices, and let us help you find the right solution.

Want to keep up-to-date with New Zealand Payroll Legislation and changes?

Knowing about changes to legislation that will affect your business is important in keeping you compliant.

Keeping on top of updates takes time and effort.  We can take care of that for you; pop your details in the box below, and we will alert you to any upcoming payroll legislation changes that are due to come into effect. 

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