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Take Your Payroll From Stressful to Stress-Free

Comprehensive Payroll Solutions for NZ Businesses

Why does payroll have to be so complicated?

Many NZ businesses aim for a payroll process that's smooth, compliant, and free from the headaches of inaccuracies and legislative mistakes.

But when problems crop up, trying and fixing them is a nightmare.

Your software provider doesn’t know your business intimately and only helps with the most pressing issues. There may be other factors to consider, and that is where your payroll expert can support you to ensure any fixes do not contribute to further issues.

Payroll Support Wellington

You need a tailored approach that understands the "how" and the "why" behind your payroll challenges.

Knowing the how and the why helps you to choose the right person with the right skills to do the job if you aren’t doing payroll yourself.

That's where I step in. With a service that delves deep into your business needs, offering clarity and direction

With comprehensive payroll solutions designed specifically for NZ businesses, I offer a lifeline to demystify the complexities of your payroll.

From a thorough review to identify where things are going awry to custom recommendations that bring your systems into compliance and beyond—my approach is designed to transform your payroll from a source of stress to a streamlined, efficient process that supports your business goals.

Karyn Campbell | Payroll Consult | Payroll Support New Zealand

Get peace of mind with your payroll

Reviews for Karyn Campbell | Payroll Consult | Payroll Support New Zealand

“A review of our payroll software set-up, which I believed was straightforward with salaried employees, uncovered leave payments incorrectly calculated due to incorrect settings. This was definitely worthwhile; now, I have peace of mind that I meet my obligations as an employer.”

– Grant Foggo, Director – Comprende

What’s going through your mind?

"I'm worried about compliance with the latest NZ payroll legislation changes. Can you help?"

"How can I streamline my payroll process to save time and reduce errors?"

"I think I might be either overpaying or underpaying my employees. How can I check my payroll for accuracy?"

"How do I set up a new payroll system that fits my business’s specific needs?"

"I received a notice from the tax department about discrepancies in my payroll. What did I do wrong?"

"An employee questioned their final pay calculation upon leaving—how do I know it's accurate?"

"How do I adjust payroll settings for employees who have irregular hours and overtime?"

"Why isn't my payroll software calculating holiday pay correctly for shift workers?"

"How do I correctly manage and correctly calculate leave entitlements for part-time employees?"

"What's the best way to handle bonuses, commissions, and other additional payments in payroll?"

Here’s How We Can Get That Out Of Your Head And Solve Your Problems

1. Book Your Free Consultation

Let’s schedule a free 15-minute consultation so you can tell me your payroll problems and determine the best approach to address them.

2. Schedule Your Payroll Review

All my projects start with a comprehensive review to uncover any discrepancies or issues in your current payroll processes.

This initial step is crucial for identifying the root causes of any payroll problems you face. This thorough review will identify any discrepancies or hidden issues in your current payroll system. Grasping the nuances of your setup is key to identifying potential pitfalls and areas for improvement.

By catching these issues early, we sidestep the hazards of non-compliance with New Zealand's stringent payroll legislation, dodge possible financial penalties, and guarantee that you're neither overpaying nor underpaying your staff. It’s about more than just fixing your problems. It’s also focused on preventing problems - ensuring your payroll process isn’t just compliant but also accurate and fair.

Here’s what the payroll review looks like:

A Map My Payroll Questionnaire

– so I can understand your business and payroll requirements and the problem you’re experiencing (or trying to avoid).

A thorough review of your payroll software settings

A manual check of a selection of payments made in the last 12 months


  • Annual leave payments

  • Additional payments like bonuses, commissions, and back pay

  • Cashed out annual leave

  • Public holidays

  • Sick leave

  • Regular allowances

  • Alternative leave

  • Termination pays

Following the review, you’re not left with just a list of problems.

Instead, you receive a comprehensive, actionable plan designed to rectify these issues, giving you complete confidence in your payroll's accuracy and compliance.

Karyn Campbell | Payroll Consult | Payroll Support Wellington

This isn’t just about fixing the past; it’s about setting a robust, efficient foundation for your payroll system, tailored specifically to meet your business's unique demands.

As a Certified Payroll Specialist with years of experience with payroll software, I can ask you the right questions and make the necessary checks to give you peace of mind your software is keeping you fair and compliant.

Your journey with me is about transforming payroll from a source of stress to a streamlined, worry-free process that underpins your business's success.

Get peace of mind with your payroll

Reviews for Karyn Campbell | Payroll Consult | Payroll Support Wellington

“Recently, I had occasion to use the services of Payroll Consult to review the payroll processing and systems of a Multi-Million dollar company – and was delighted with Karyn’s clear communication and service.

After the review, the company gained peace of mind that their processing is fully compliant and all their hard-working staff are receiving full entitlements of leave.”

— Sara Foster, Business Advisor - A Balancing Act

What next?

Following the thorough initial payroll review, we can continue to work together to resolve your problems, future-proof your payroll systems and optimise them for efficiency and accuracy.

Here’s a closer look at what’s available:

Resolving Your Payroll Problems

The payroll review will give you a comprehensive list of what needs to be done to fix the initial problem and anything else I found during the review. As part of your review, I’ll provide a detailed proposal to get you back on track.

Payroll System Recommendations and Setup

If your current payroll system is lacking, my extensive knowledge of New Zealand-compliant payroll systems allows me to recommend a more suitable payroll software. This includes assistance with selecting the right platform that aligns with your business requirements, setting it up, and ensuring it's configured to handle your specific payroll needs effectively.

Payroll Migration Services

If you want to switch to a new payroll service, I can provide comprehensive support for migrating your payroll data from the old system to the new one. This includes a detailed plan to ensure the transition is smooth and minimal disruption to your payroll operations. The package also includes assistance with data verification post-migration to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Custom Training and Support

I offer custom training sessions on the new or updated payroll system to help you and your team make the most of your new payroll systems. This ensures everyone involved in payroll management understands how to use the software efficiently, making the most of its features for accurate payroll processing. Ongoing support is also provided to address any questions or challenges that arise so you’re never left in the dark.

Ongoing Payroll Support

For businesses that need more assistance, ongoing payroll processing services are available. These include regular check-ins to ensure the payroll system continues to meet your business needs, updates on legislative changes and how they impact your payroll, and help with any new payroll challenges as your business evolves.

I also offer payroll processing services, so if you’re looking to outsource your payroll, let’s talk.

Payroll Review - Your Investment

Investing in freeing up time, employees, confidence, clarity, etc.

Your Path to Payroll Clarity

Step 1

Book A Free Consultation

Step 2

Schedule Your Payroll Review

Step 3

Implement Solutions for Lasting Success

Any Questions?

Isn't reviewing my payroll system just adding more work and complexity?

It might seem that way, but consider this your biggest opportunity to streamline your entire payroll process.  A review is the first step toward identifying inefficiencies and compliance risks, paving the way for a smoother, more reliable system. Think of it as a short-term investment for long-term ease and accuracy in payroll management.

How do I know your service will actually solve my payroll issues?

What sets my service apart is my tailored approach. Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, I comprehensively review your current payroll system and practices, providing customised recommendations based on your specific business needs. This personalised strategy ensures that the solutions implemented directly address your challenges.

But I use a payroll system. Of course, it will come up with the right numbers - won’t it?

Payroll systems have the same challenges as business owners in applying legislation in a workable format for many different employment situations. I haven’t come across one that works in all situations, so choosing one that suits your specific employment needs is essential. The only way you’ll know what’s required for your business is if you have the knowledge and expertise to set it up - so that all the calculations running behind the scenes are compliant. Regardless of the payroll system you choose, manual interventions are needed to stay compliant.

I’m worried I don’t have the time to engage with a new payroll service. How time-consuming is this process?

Time is a precious commodity, especially in business. That’s why I've streamlined my process to be as efficient and unobtrusive as possible. The initial setup and review are conducted with minimal disruption to your operations, and the long-term time savings—thanks to more efficient payroll processes—far outweigh the initial time investment.

How do I get started, and what's the offer?

Getting started is simple. Book your free 15-minute consultation today, where we'll discuss your payroll challenges and how I can help. This is your opportunity to take the first step towards a more efficient, compliant payroll system with no upfront commitment. Let's turn your payroll process into a strategic asset for your business.