Are you paying your staff correctly?

To ensure you are paying your staff correctly can be a minefield with complicated legislation and many hoops to jump through.   How can you make sure you get it right?

Together we will work through your unique employment situation using my 3-step blueprint payroll audit method as follows:

1.     Contracts - Checking and reviewing employment agreements 

2.    Legislation  - Understanding which parts of the legislation are required in your employment situations

3.     Systems - Checking payroll software is set up correctly to reflect contracts and legislation

Putting together a blueprint of all the factors that make up your unique employment situation is useful to help understand where a payroll audit may need to focus attention.

 Each business is unique; there can be a mixture of many different factors ie casual, permanent, fixed-term employees, hours worked, salaries, wages, allowances, leave entitlement, bonus payments etc.

Knowing your employment situation and which rules apply means you are managing your risk of non-compliance.

Take my short Payroll Blueprint Risk Assessment to help understand how your business rates.

Understand your Payroll Risk Factors.

Knowing your unique employment situations and which rules apply means managing your risk of non-compliance.

Even the most advanced software can run the risk of being non-compliant if not set up correctly. Has your payroll been reviewed by an expert so you can be confident you are getting it right?

Where payroll can go wrong:

  • Managing leave balances in hours
  • Employees who have no set work pattern
  • Paying regular allowances
  • Changes in work patterns
  • Public holidays payments
  • Parental Leave

Peace of Mind

You might have seen in the news where government and large organisations have to pay their staff remediation payments after finding they have not been complying with legislation.

It’s not enough to use payroll software and expect it will be doing the job correctly. It is important that your software is set up to reflect your employment situations and calculations comply with legislation. 

It should not be set and forget as employment situations, and laws are constantly changing.

I am a Certified Payroll Specialist with years of experience with payroll software; I can ask you the right questions and make the necessary checks to give you peace of mind your software is keeping you compliant.

How the audit works

I review your software; it doesn't matter where you are in the country, we are now getting much more familiar with online interactions. I will get you to organise access to your software which is an easy process with your provider. This process will not interrupt your normal payroll processing.My review includes the following:

  • A Map My Payroll Questionnaire so I can understand your business and payroll requirements
  • A thorough review of your payroll software settings
  • A manual check of a selection of payments made in the last 12 months, including:
  • Annual leave payments
  • Additional payments like bonuses, commissions, and back pay
  • Cashed out annual leave
  • Public holidays
  • Sick leave
  • Regular allowances
  • Alternative leave
  • Termination pays
  • A comprehensive report highlighting any areas of concern, with clear action steps and recommendations so you can fix and/or remediate any issues asap.

If a payroll audit sounds like something you need, book a free 15-minute discovery call so we can run through any questions you have and see if this service is the right fit for your business.

“Recently I had occasion to use the services of Payroll Consult to audit the payroll processing and systems of a Multi-Million dollar company – and was delighted with Karyn’s clear communication and service.

After the audit, the company gained peace of mind that their processing is fully compliant and all their hard-working staff are receiving full entitlements of leave.”

— Sara Foster, Business Advisor - A Balancing Act

“A review of our payroll software set up, which I believed was straightforward with salaried employees, uncovered leave payments incorrectly calculated due to incorrect settings. This was definitely worthwhile; now, I have peace of mind that I meet my obligations as an employer.”

— Grant Foggo, Director – Comprende

"Having someone who knows payroll and legislation is super important and we have relied heavily on Karyn’s experience and professional work ethic”.

— Mandy Stansfield, Manager HR Service Delivery – Government Agency